Your Pet Needs And Automatic Pet Timing Feeder For The Reasons Below

Traveling with pets is tasking and challenging. From pet restrictions in airports to the hectic task of taking care of pets, most people would instead find pet sitters than go through all these troubles. Most pet owners also choose to leave behind their pets during holidays and business trips because they would instead focus on business and relaxation rather than take care of pets regularly. However, hiring a pet sitter when you are so far away is such a risky decision, especially if it is someone that you do not know.  For this reason, it is easier to invest in an automatic pet timing feeder.

Features of automatic pet timing feeders

  • Timing- automatic pet feeders are designed with an internal timer that the pet owner can program. Programming the time helps the pet owner to ensure that the pets maintain a regular feeding schedule.
  • Automation- automatic pet feeders are designed in such a way that they automatically dispense a specific amount of food at a particular time, depending on the programmings of the pet owner.
  • Quantity- the quantity element is also subject to programming in an automatic pet feeder. This device comes with a setting feature that allows the pet owner to determine the amount of food that the feeder will dispense to the pet.
  • Size- different types and brands of automatic pet feeders come in varying sizes. Some pet feeders are designed for more than one pet, while others are small enough for a single small-sized pet like a cat.

Unique features of automatic pet feeders

  • Voice recorder- the voice recording feature comes in the more sophisticated brands of pet feeders. This feature allows the pet owner to leave a pre-recorded voice message that the device will play when it is time for feeding the pet. Such devices are more popular with those pet parents who spend a lot of time away from their pets and wish to use these moments to bond with their furry babies.
  • Screens and cameras- this is also a feature popular in the more expensive brands. These screens and cameras work in such a way that the owner can either pre-record a message that will be played back to the pet during meal times or simply video chat with the pet at mealtime. This feature also helps owners and their pets bond. They also help to alert pets that it is time to eat. 

Types of automatic pet feeders

There are two basic models of automatic pet feeders in the market. The first model is the gravity pet feeder, which utilizes gravity to dispense food from a hopper into a bowl. The other model is the electronic pet feeder, which allows pet parents to control when and how much food the pet gets completely.

Bottom Line

Automatic pet timing feeders are very popular in the market. They are especially useful for individuals who own cats or dogs. They can be used to feed more than one pet, depending on the size. Also, they come in a variety of designs, colors, sizes, and shapes.