Why you should check out Huawei wallet kit

Are you tired of keeping your passes, coupons, and boarding passes bulging in your wallet? Or are you find it challenging to find the right pass or ticket at the right time? Our latest Huawei wallet kit is the solution to all your problems.

Huawei wallet- passes is an open service introduced by HUAWEI HMS Core. It allows users to save their boarding passes, coupons, membership cards, tickets, gift cards, and much more in their mobile phones easily for future use.

Wallet Kit – What does it Feature?

The wallet kit presents three unique features.

  • It has templates for various types of cards. Find templates for a loyalty card, gift card, coupon, movie ticket, boarding pass, and access card. You can customize the information on these cards according to your needs.
  • Multiple cards can be added to wallet kit through methods such as SMS, email, app, web, and HTML 5.
  • The wallet kit is flexible, open, and intelligent. It is designed to work on smart devices and features intelligent card selection. It also enables precise and timely delivery of notification messages.

Wallet Kit Supports Global Coverage:

HUAWEI HMS has 570 million active users covering more than 170 countries and regions around the world. You can use your HUAWEI wallet kit in almost any part of the world.

You can use a wallet kit while traveling to carry your passport, boarding passes, or pre-bookings for any upcoming events in any part of the world.

Types of Cards Supported by Wallet Kit:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Movie ticket
  • Coupon
  • Boarding pass

Customize Your Passes With Your Personal Information:

You can customize the way your passes are displayed. Just enter the information displayed to users such as background image, merchant name, card name, logo, and message. This information will be stored and transmitted in JSON format.

In this way, users can save their cards, including loyalty cards, coupons, movie tickets, boarding passes, and transit passes to HUAWEI Wallet. Just on the click of a button or a link that is provided for you. After saving your customized cards, you can view and manage them in the HUAWEI wallet conveniently.

Avail the Intelligent Location Based Services from HUAWEI Developer:

Wallet kit provides intelligent, precise, and timely services suited to your needs. Working through a smart engine, it delivers the exact services that you require in different situations. To understand this better, let’s take an example. It gives intelligent movie reminders or match reminders to movies and football lovers. In this way, they do not miss anything about the movie or the match.

Complete Wallet Kit Integration with HUAWEI development guide:

Wallet kit can be integrated into four simple steps by following the HUAWEI development guide:

  • Registration
  • Certification
  • Service configuration
  • App development

By integrating the wallet kit into your app, you will get easy access to your wallet essentials, improved user experience, and more market opportunities. Live a hassle-free lifestyle and travel in peace with the versatile HUAWEI wallet kit.