Why Choose a Silicone Phone Case?

The first thing smartphone users do after buying a phone is to look for a back cover. If you are in that position, you’re in the right place. Choosing a cover just because your phone needs one is not enough. Factors like excellent protection and durability should top your considerations list. This blog will explain in detail why you should choose a silicone case over other materials, like plastic. You may also get a custom silicone case supplier if you want to infuse your personality in the phone case.

1. Excellent protection

The chief reason for getting a case is to protect your phone and all information it contains. This reason makes silicone the best material for a phone case. Its softness is ironic, its of great strength, and lastly, it does not chip nor crack under the hardest impact. Did your phone fall on concrete or wood? It doesn’t matter. Silicone will lend protection by absorbing the shock.

Silicone is also resistant to water.

2. Perfect fitting

A silicone phone case fits like a skin, leaving only the screen, external buttons, camera, and input ports. The secure-fitting eliminates the feel of bulkiness on your phone. Though you will feel a slight change from the original phone size, the change is almost equal to no change

3. Soft to the touch

Silicone’s rubber-like finish lends its soft quality that feels good to the touch. The feel of silicone under the palm is more pleasant than that of plastic. It poses no risk of scratching skin either.

4. Eco-friendly

Silicone does not break down into pieces that can harm wildlife or ocean life when ingested. Chances of air pollution during its manufacture are also minimal. When burned, silicone does not release harmful toxins to the air like plastic.

5. Durable

Silicone is not prone to scratches or cracks compared to plastic, metal, or glass. It can stretch, twist, and bend with no damage to its structure. If you buy a silicone cover, chances are it will outlast the phone.

6. Fair price

Silicone cases are relatively cheap compared to those made of plastic, leather, or any other material. However, avoid very cheap silicon covers. Low-quality silicone tends to be the most affordable and may not exhibit all the outstanding qualities silicone is known for.

7. Perfect grip

For all the butterfingers looking for a superb grip on a case, you’re in luck. Silicone cases offer excellent grip on the phone. Chances of your phone slipping and falling from your hand are very minimal.

8. Style and aesthetics

Materials like plastic, wood, and metal tend to have limited style collection. Both aren’t as malleable nor as flexible as silicone; one wrong twist and it snaps!

There’s also no color on the rainbow or a design in the world that you won’t find on a silicone cover. That means you can always switch up your phone cover to match your style.

9. Heat resistant

Silicone is characterized by low thermo-conductivity. Silicone rubber cases can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. This means that during hot temperatures, the phone case doesn’t become hot to the touch. This feature makes silicone cases ideal for work in hot environments.

Final Thoughts

A silicone phone case guarantees your phone safety, is durable, resistant to heat, and soft to the touch. As discussed, silicone has several advantages over other phone case materials.