What is the Price of the Human Hair Wig?

The cost of human hair wigs is diverse and the market is an extremely competitive one. To find the perfect wig one has to know where to look. However, price is not entirely everything. One has to carefully consider the quality of the human hair wig. In that case, how much can be set aside for a decent wig?

The market is diverse, but the range generally goes from $100- $500 (USD). However, the price range for a decent set of human hair wigs depends on the style. All the wigs available in our online store are of the finest available quality. Our prices range from as low as $90 (USD) to as high as a bit above $400 (USD).

Most Common Human Hair Wig and Cost

We cannot possibly consider the price for every single style of wig. The colors and the length of the wig usually determine its price. Seeing as this is the case, we might as well consider the most common ones.

1. Transparent HD Lace Straight Human Hair Wig

This particular straight design is a fan favorite. The sleek, unbending, and free-flowing design of the straight wave is popular. There are quite a few custom colors. But the blonde color is the most popular.

This means that the blonde color can also be quite expensive. Its price ranges from $99 to $269. This price range also applies to the body wave style.

2. HD Transparent Loose Deep Human Hair

This particular style comes with a natural hairline. It has a soft and comb-friendly texture. The quality hair wigs from our store have little to no shedding. To top it all up, our loose deep wave does not tangle.

So with enough care, this wig will last until you are tired of it. The price range on our site is from $99 to $269.

3. Body Wave Lace Front Wig

This particular style is an all-star-like look. For that “you go girl” look, this wig style might just be what you need. The bouncy curls will bring out the inner girl in just about everyone.

This wig normally goes at $107.77 (USD) for the 150% density. While the 180% density could be gotten for $116.77. However, during the discount season, as high as a 30% discount could be applied to these prices.

4. Straight Hair Short Bob Lace Wigs Malaysian Hair

This particular style is so detailed because it is kind of a hit. This style is just right for summer. With this style, the heatwave becomes more tolerable (especially in the tropics).

This wig goes with just about any summer clothing in your wardrobe. It could be gotten for as low as $96.49 for the 8-inch wig. It could equally go as high as $152.97 for the 12-inch wig.


These four are part of the most popular human hair wigs at the moment. While there are others, one could get any of these at a decent cost. Most importantly, they are always in season.