What is Inside a Lotion Pump?

A plastic lotion pump is a prominent dispensing method for thick fluids. These personal care liquids are found in the beauty industry. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In cases where they are used the same way and are designed in the same way, a lotion pump will dispense the required amount of lotion.

The structured function of a lotion pump

Before buying a lotion pump from a lotion pump manufacturer, it would be prudent to understand how it works. Even though there are several designs in the industry today, one fundamental principle applies to them all. This blog post sheds some light on the lotion pumps and their components. It also addresses how they generally contribute to the functionality of the pump.

The closure

The closure of a lotion pump is a feature that screws the assembly on the bottle’s neck fish. Usually, it is identified by the neck destination. These destinations include approximately 28 to 400. Mostly made of a plastic known as PP, the closure is designed with an impressive rib side. It also comes with a relatively smooth surface.

The closure comes with a shinny overshell installed to provide the lotion pump with an eye-catching look in exceptional cases.

The piston of a lotion pump

The piston of a lotion pump comes in a variety of designs. Some have housing components isolating the metal from the pathway of the product. Such pumps are known as the metal-free pathway lotion pumps. They are named like that because products stored in them cannot contact the pump’s metal spring.

The tube of a lotion pump

The dip tube of a lotion pump is made up of the famous PP plastic. This plastic extends its reach to the lotion pump, making it possible for a user to squeeze out lotion easily. Usually, the pump is paired with a bottle. Then there is a prominent bottle pump paired with a dip tube. The length of the tube is long enough to reach the contents of the bottle bottom. Besides, the tube’s 3 step measurement phases must also get considered when purchasing a lotion pump. A well-cut dip tube can easily maximize lotion usage while preventing clogging at the same time.

The lotion pump output

The lotion pump output is a plastic material measured in cc. It is also common in the bracket of 0.7 to 3cc. There are also large pumps with bigger chambers and also longer piston. The pistons have an output of approximately 8cc. This explains why various manufacturers in the market have different outputs for every lotion pump offering. This provides the product and its users a broad range of control of dosages.

Final Thoughts

As with every product in the consumer industry, it is critical to understand the lotion pump’s anatomy before delving into the buying process. That way, you can understand the existence of various types of lotion pumps and their uses. You will also get to understand the pros and cons of buying one lotion pump over the other.