What features to look for in a percussion massager

Are your muscles sore or stiff from an intense workout or after sitting for long at the office? Then you need a massage. Luckily, you can get deep tissue massage to work knots and remove tension from your muscles. You only need to use a percussion massager.

A percussion massager is a device that provides deep muscle tissue massage by applying vibrational pulses of concentrated pressure.

With the many percussion massagers in the market, you should get one that will deliver results. You want your body to release stress, relax and recover faster.

Here are the features.


A multi-functional percussion massager has different massage heads to suit each part of the body. There is the ball head which is suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as the back, arms and hips. The bullet head is for massaging joints, trigger points, palm and deep tissue. The forkhead is suitable for massaging the Achilles tendon, spine and neck.  The flathead can massage the whole body.

The beginners are advised to start with the ball head and use the others as they gain experience.

Long battery life

A good massager should have a long-lasting battery so that you can massage your body all you want without the need to recharge now and then. For example, a battery that can last for 7 hours can give you enough time to massage.

Varying Speed

A good percussion massager should be sufficient to give both light and heavy massage depending on the body part you are massaging. It should have different speed modes to suit each body part. For example, a deep massage will require higher speed than muscle activation. For example, for muscle activation, you can put the rate at 1800rpm while for depth massage, you can set the speed at 3200rpm.

Also, the massager should have a high frequency so that the vibration can be strong enough to provide a deep massage that can relax stiff and tight muscles.

Light weight

A percussion massager should be light enough such that you can move it throughout your body without getting tired or using too much energy. The heavier it is, the more energy you will need when you are giving the massage.

Has Protective Features

Too much use of a percussion massager can damage muscles. Remember, the device is using vibrational pulses to relax muscles. If too much is applied, you will end up causing more harm than good. To prevent this, look for a device that has protective features. For example, it could have a turn-off feature that turns it off if it runs for more than 10 minutes.

Easy To Use

Your goal is to relax your stiff muscles not to learn how to use a complicated device. Look for a percussion massager that is easy to use. It should be easy to turn it on and to change the speed levels to meet your needs.

You should switch it on, press the start button, choose the suitable speed and then start to massage. Massagers that use battery do not have wires that can make it cumbersome to use.

Also, it should have low noise levels with a quiet motor so that you can use it anywhere without disturbing others.