What are the various parts of the Garden Hose Reel

Before the establishment of a heavy-duty garden hose reel, most garden hose owners twist the host before keeping it. A garden hose reel is a cylindrical spindle used to store the garden hose.

Twisting the garden hose is not so good, because you could just be damaging the hose without knowing it. Most garden hoses that are twisted frequently develop faults faster and also leak.

Probably, you own a garden hose or you intend to buy one, it is preferable to buy a garden hose reel so that your hose does not develop a fault that could easily be prevented.

Garden Hose Reel: Things It Is Made Of

1. The Cylindrical Hold

This is the part of the garden hose reel that houses the hose. Hose reels have different types, but no matter the brand or type, this part of the hose reel remains cylindrical.

It has a cylindrical shape so that the hose does not get cut while stored or lose its quality.

2. Hose

This part of the reel is very vital. It is a channel used to convey water to the garden. Without this component, it would be difficult to bring water from the source to your garden. The hose is usually in the form of a pipe and water flows through it, to get to the garden.

3. The Carriage

It provides a means to carry the hose reels around. This component makes the whole thing easy. If the carriage is not available, it would take a lot of time to move the reel around and this would make the whole process slow.

4. Mounting Plate

Mounting plate is seen in hose reels that can be mounted. Some of them were designed in such a way that you can place them on the wall of your garage or home.

The mounting plate makes provision for hanging the hose reel on the wall.

5. Driving Mechanism

This mechanism helps to remove the garden hose before use, and then to replace it effortlessly after use.

6. Lock Mechanism

This ensures that the garden hose stays in place when it is not in use. Without this component, your garden hose might likely untangle when you do not want it to.

Most brands do not include this in their product, so if you consider buying a hose reel, it is better to get one with this locking mechanism.

7. Mounting Brackets

This part helps to place the hose correctly and ensure that it stays in place. The mounting bracket is different from the mounting plate. The mounting bracket makes provision for hanging the hose reel on the wall, while the mounting bracket ensures the hose reel is placed correctly.


The water hose reel is composed of different parts that work together to securely store the water hose. Each part needs proper care because when any of the parts is faulty, the whole equipment would be affected.

You need to handle the garden hose reel with great care, knowing the importance of each of its components.