Ways to discover YouTube channels that you may love

Woh the high number of content creators growing on YouTube, it’s almost impossible to find genuine YouTube channels that are focused on the sort of information you need. Another reason why this is so. is that YouTube has no means through which users can have easy filtering through the thousands of videos on the platform. This guide helps to point out some of the methods that you can implement to find some YouTube channels that you may love quicker.

How to find new YouTube channels that you prefer

Here’s a list of the different methods of locating the YouTube channel that you love

1. Channel crawler

Channel crawler is a site that’s been able to register about 600, 000 YouTube channels and even more. It’s easy-to-use and lets you perform a filtered search on your favorite YouTube channel’s niche. You can filter your channels by:

  • Your preferred language
  • Categories
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of watch times, etc.

There’s also an option of performing a keyword-based search just the same way it’s done with Google.

2. Channels Hunt

This site helps to show you a wide list of the top YouTube channels based on their different categories. So far, there’ve been over 1172 channels that are categorized on channels Hunt. Some of which include; gaming, science, sports, beauty, food, tech reviews, and a lot more!

Also, it features the subcategories of each category depending on the much that’s been focused on. There’s an option of making friends from the channel hunt community; this is made possible through the “chat” feature that exists within the rooms while watching a movie.

3. Tube spark

Tube spark is about building a system that helps you to quickly discover your channels by niche. You can only be able to find YouTube channels on this site. On tube spark, you get to find the homepage which features a single video that’s for your viewing. If you do not want to watch the video, you can skip the next one. When you’re through with watching, locate the “upvote and downvote” to share how you feel about watching the video.

4. Recommendations from Reddit

There are times when the only recommendation you sort would be from real people. For this purpose, you can head over to Reddit’s watch community, look for the recommended channels, and subscribe to them. This option may not be as efficient as others, but you can always be sure of one thing – getting almost only genuine recommendations at least once a month. The beautiful part is that the moderators on Reddit help to keep the channels clean. As long as I would love to get a recommendation, just comment and have people answer your question.


As you already know, A lot of video content is housed on YouTube. But at some point, there’s always a need to organize a filtered search which allows you to get faster access to what you want. This article explains the ways that you can go about making this happening.