Want Currency? FIFA Fut 20 Coins


FIFA 20 is a football simulation game from Electronic Arts Incorporated (EA), an American gaming company. As the 27th version of the FIFA series, this game is played on Microsoft Windows, Play station 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch. Installations for other platforms like Google are scheduled for some time in 2020.  Additionally, to make this simulation game seem real as the normal football leagues there are fut 20 coins that you can use to buy better players for your team, improve players’ skills, and many more.

Also, this game features three editions: the Regular Edition, the Champions Edition, and the Ultimate Edition. FIFA 20 series has focused more on street football, as opposed to typical FIFA matches. These games can be played in teams of three against three, four against four, five against five. Alternatively, one can apply futsal rules where five (including the goalkeeper) play against five, with a maximum number of 12 players allowed per match.

How to Play FIFA 20

The game is pretty easy to play. In attack mode, X is for a short pass, circle shoots, long pass using square, and through ball is attained by pressing triangle. If you are using Xbox, A is for a short pass, B shoots, X is long a pass, and Y is a through ball. In defense mode, to contain use X/A, use a circle or B for a standing tackle, a square or X for standing tackle, and finally L1/ LB or a right stick to help you change a player.

What are Fut Coins?

As we have seen, FIFA games are modeled on real-life games. Indeed, making the experience even more authentic, EA obtained a license from FIFA to use real football players’ names, faces, jerseys, and clubs.  

It then follows that the game would naturally feature clubs and management that pretty much mimic the actual football experience. One such feature is the trading of players from one club to another. In the Ultimate team mode, for which football legend Zinadine Zidane is the Face, you can use this currency to buy players.

How Do You Get More Fut Currency?

It is said that one of the easiest ways to earn fut currency on FIFA include opening rare Bronze packs.

You can also rack up the coins through winning challenges, objectives, and other leveling up channels. These challenges are posted frequently, and one needs to keep an eye out.

Another avenue to earn coins is in building up your squad. If you win the challenge, you are rewarded with coins.

Like assets in real life, selling the ones in FIFA can also free up coins for you.  Assets in this game refer to players, who are sold to raise fut coins. The trick is to be smart with your investments and to look out for the best time to buy low. Look out for discounted rates and then buy, hold to sell later.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the value of players rises with time, so take your time as you keep an eye for the peak selling window, to make a decent profit. However, when it comes to buying players of Lionel Messi’s caliber, you need approximately a million fut coins a player. Whatever you do, lay off the temptation to spend your currency on gold packs. They don’t make for good returns.

Those are the main channels in which FIFA currency is earned.