Tips for Installing a Bidet Sprayer by a Pro

Bidets are becoming popular as families renovate their older bathrooms to have a modern touch. The truth is that portable bidet sprayers are easy to install. These sprayers can be used to provide a jet spray for bathtub or toilet cleaning. When choosing one, ensure you get an affordable Handheld Bidet Sprayer. Also, it should be easy to install and use to give your toilet a new appearance.

What is a Bidet Sprayer?

A bidet sprayer can be defined as a handheld nozzle that is similar to your sink sprayer. The only difference is that your bidet sprayer is meant to provide a cleansing wash to the bathroom. Besides, bidets have other applications that include cleaning the toilet, cleaning the bathtub, and washing diapers.

Installing a Bidet Sprayer

The truth is that it is easy to install handheld bidet sprayers. Start by turning off the water supply in the toilet. Then, you should connect the valve to the water supply line and connect hoses to T-valve. After this, turn on your water supply. You can hook the sprayer to the toilet tank or mount it on the wall.

Using Bidet Sprayer

It does not require magic or a degree to use a bidet sprayer. Handheld sprayers have an attached hose that provides you adequate room to spray from both the front and behind. For personal hygiene washing, you may have to stand up before pulling your sprayer. Ensure you pull the trigger gently for water spray to get out. Also, you can rinse the bottom gently until it is clean.

In addition, you can use the bidet sprayer to clean the bathtub or toilet. When you squeeze the trigger, it releases a pressurized water stream to eliminate dirt from any given surface. Most portable bidets are designed to be ergonomic and intuitive to use. For instance, their nozzle orientation and curved design make it for users to hold it.

You need to be careful as the pressure can get high. Remember, the water you are using is clean as it comes from the home’s water tank. When you are clean, you can release the trigger to stop the water flow.

Making a Bidet Sprayer

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make a handheld bidet sprayer at home. You need a T-valve diverter, handheld sprayer (you can use kitchen sink sprayer), and a water supply hose. In this case, you need to connect T-valve to water supply by the toilet and fix the hose. You can then connect your handheld sprayer to the hose and you are done. In addition, you will need to find a custom hook to mount your bidet sprayer.

You should note that handheld bidet sprayers have a lot of applications. For example, you can use them for personal hygiene, wash your bathroom, and clean toilet fixtures. The installation process for bidet sprayers is straightforward. Although you can make your own bidet sprayer at home, it is good to purchase a new one. That is because making one requires a lot of skills, and it can end up becoming expensive.