The Wonders of the Heated Gloves

The title might sound a bit cliché. But seriously, who would not love a pair of heated gloves in a clod and ruthless weather? When winter comes and your fingers are about to be frozen numb, imagine the wonders a pair of heated gloves could do then. The title does not sound so cliché anymore, does it? At times, the cold seems to penetrate your regular gloves, this is when heated gloves come in.

What are heated gloves?

Before we go any further, we will give a brief introduction to the heated gloves. These heated gloves are almost the same as your typical winter gloves. The major difference being that the heated gloves have been manufactured to be able to produce heat to keep your hands warm. You could think of them as a sort of mobile fire. So in the cold, the heated gloves keep your hands warm even in the absence of a fire. The heated gloves can be said to meet the needs of those who experience bad circulation and cold hands while out in the cold.

However, the heated gloves are battery-powered. If you can use your mobile phones comfortably, you do not need to fear the heated gloves. The battery is located on the underside of the wrist. Most heated gloves also have various adjustable heat setting. The heat can be altered using buttons on the back of the gloves.

How exactly do heated gloves work?

You already know that the heated gloves are battery-powered. But did you know that the heated gloves have tiny wires that run through them? Yes, they do. These wires are all connected to the battery and sort of convert the energy to heat energy. The heat energy is then circulated within the glove. Adjusting the battery equally adjusts the amount of heat given off. This creates a cosy and satisfying feeling we all know and love.

Are heated gloves safe?

Now that we all know how the gloves work and what their components are, let us get down to a serious question. Exactly how safe are they? You might be worried about getting an annoying electric shock, right? Well, don`t be. Even contact with the bare wires would nary do a thing. And no, the battery is not strong enough to cause the gloves to combust. In case of a short circuit, the batteries are even designed to shut themselves off.

Aren`t they too pricey?

Heated gloves are cheaper than you might think. Within a price range of $100 to $200, you can get a very good pair of heated gloves. However note that those under $130 might not warm up the fingers, only warming the top of the hand.

There are heated gloves of 5v and 7.4v power. It is even possible to have your very own customised heated gloves. Just make your design or choose an existing design and it can be professionally and effectively replicated. Not to mention that they can be quite fashioned trendy.

In conclusion, with all these benefits and virtually no risk, what are you still waiting for? At this point, I bet the topic doesn`t sound cheesy or cliché anymore!