The Right Way to Wash Your Jackets Coats

Manteau hiver femme are investment clothing pieces since they do not come cheap and are made to last for a long time, depending on how you care for them. One way to ensure the longevity of your jackets coats is to make sure that they are washed properly.

You should not dump everything in a washing machine. Some material needs special care while others need dry cleaning. So, where should you start? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Check the tag

Jackets and coats are made out of different materials and some of them may need special care when being washed. The tag usually has the information you need to determine how to wash and dry them. Following this instruction will ensure that your jackets and coats will last for a long time.

Check for stains

Coats and jackets barely get washed so some will probably have stains in them. You need to get rid of these stains before you store your jackets coats. When you store your jackets and coats with stains or you store them unwashed, the dirt and stain can attract insects that could damage the cloth. To treat the stains, apply a stain remover or dishwashing soap to the stain and let it soak there for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you can either toss it in the washing machine or for those that need to be hand-washed, scrub it with a wet cloth.

Make sure that zippers and buttons are fastened

Before placing them in the washing machine, make sure that buttons and zippers are fastened so that they will not damage other clothes. Doing so will also keep the shape of your coats and jackets.

Be extra careful with wool

If your coat or jacket is made out of wool, do not toss it in the machine. Normal washing machine cycles will cause the wool to shrink or break down. Using hot water and regular detergents can also ruin the material.

It is best to handwash wool jackets and coats with cold water and baby shampoo. If you must use a machine, separate all wool clothing from the load and use a delicate cycle. Make sure you still use cold water and a gentle detergent.

When drying wool, it is best to lay them out flat and reshape them as they dry on the surface. Hanging wool clothing on hangers may cause them to lose their shape.

Separate fleece

Fleece jackets can be used year-round so you probably will not be storing much of these. But if you do, make sure that you wash them separately. When you mix them with other materials such as cotton in a washing machine, the fleece will end up being linty and less water-resistant.

To wash them as a separate load, you should turn them inside out before throwing them in the washer. Use the washing machine’s settings to gentle or cold.

Dealing with bulk

For puffy jackets coats like parkas, puffer coats, and down jackets, you can wash them using a machine. Make sure you use cold water and regular detergent and set the machine on a gentle cycle. When using the dryer, make sure that it is using a gentle or low cycle.

To keep these coats and jackets fluffy, use wool dryer balls on the load. They are eco-friendly alternatives to dryer sheets and fabric softeners. This will speed up the drying process and also reduce wrinkling.

Know which jackets coats should be dry cleaned

You should know that some coats and jackets must never be washed. Instead, they should get a thorough and high-quality cleaning from your local dry cleaners. Leather jackets, suede trenches, and fur coats should never be washed and should be dry cleaned only.