The Right Way to Dispose Your Laptop Battery

What do you do with an old laptop battery after you get yourself a new laptop battery? It is not as simple as just throwing them out in your regular trash. Batteries, no matter what kind, need to be disposed of properly. Lithium-ion batteries can produce sparks and start fires when they come in contact with other materials. Also, batteries have hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. In fact, in some states, it is illegal to throw your batteries in the trash. So what do you do with an old laptop battery? Here are some tips.

Look for a recycling facility

You have to look for a recycling facility that accepts laptop batteries. These facilities are trained and equipped to handle hazardous waste materials like batteries. You should not throw your laptop battery in the recycle bin since it still has the potential to start fires.

Check electronic stores

Some electronic stores accept laptop batteries for recycling. You should take the time to ask around to find out if this is a viable option for you. National chains that have free recycling services include RadioShack, The Home Depot, Best Buy, and Staples.

Look for battery banks

Some local government agencies set up battery banks in places that are frequented by people such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Check your local government if they have a battery bank project and inquire where these battery banks can be found.

Manufacturer recycling programs

The laptop manufacturer can recycle the battery for you. For instance, Hewlett Packard uses the Call2Recycle program to recycle a hp laptop battery. Some run their own mail recycling service like Apple.

Mail it in

If there are no options in your community for restoring laptop batteries, you can mail it to the nearest recycling facility. Several facilities will accept shipped laptop batteries, some are for free while some charge a fee. So make sure to check out their mail-in program requirements first before you make any commitment.

Preparing your laptop battery for recycling

First, you have to make sure that it is completely dead. Try to revive it before you give it up for recycling. If the battery can be revived, then it can still work. There is no need to recycle it just yet. You need to cover both ends with masking tape or clear tape. This will prevent any leakage or current transfer from happening. If you do not have the tapes, place the battery in a ziplock bag. This way, the leakage will not come in contact with other materials.

As you can see, there are numerous options for you to dispose of your old laptop battery in a safe and legal way. You can make the trip worthwhile by bringing along other recyclable materials. You can also recycle old computers, printers, televisions, phones, stereos, microwaves, smoke and fire alarms, and other gadgets that should be taken to a specific recycling facility. Do not hesitate to ask what other items they recycle so you can also get rid of some clutter in your home.