Steps to Follow When Cleaning Auto Glass

Bugs, dirt, and grime accumulate easily on auto glass or windshield. You should note that dirt can reduce your visibility when driving. Nowadays, there are different techniques and products that leave the auto glass clean. Keeping your car clean does not have to be difficult, but it is important as it ensures your car is safe when on the road.

Most car owners use household glass cleaners to clean auto glass instead of using a recommended product. Check whether the product label states that it is suitable for use on auto glass or windshield. If it is not stated, you should look for the right product. Remember that such products are formulated for cars, and they have many other benefits to offer.

Auto Glass Cleaning Steps

Get Rid of Dust

You should note start using cleaning the windshield straight away with the liquid cleaner. There are many things you ought to do to ensure that the windshield is clean without spraying down the glass. You may be surprised to learn that the interior part of the windshield is a magnet for dirt and dust. It is advisable to use a damp cloth to clean the dirt away. Begin at the top and then get down to the bottom.

Spray Water

You should note that water is quite important when it comes to cleaning auto glass. The water works great as a cleaner and does not cause excessive damage when cleaning with it. Ideally, the dashboard can be a bit wet. It is advisable to start cleaning with water before you begin using a cleaner.

Use an Auto Glass Cleaner On the Interior

Remember that the primary cleaner for cleaning auto glass is the windshield washer cleaner. Although household cleaners might work, some of them can damage the windshield. You do not want to repair or spend more money on replacement when there are cost-effective products on the market. In fact, a few passes of windshield cleaner will leave your car clean. Avoid choosing products that contain ammonia as it is known to cause damage to the car’s interior.

Put a small amount of cleaning solution onto a towel and then apply it on the interior part of the windshield and then wipe it with a clean towel. It is advisable to start from top to bottom with multiple vertical motions and horizontal motions. After cleaning it dry, you should buff away streaking.

Clean Windshield Exterior

You need to approach cleaning the windshield exterior quite differently than the interior. That is because the exterior is always subjected to harsh elements. Also, it has several small pits and scratches that you ought to clean. Maybe you have some car wax on the windows during waxing; you can get a natural remover.

Get Your Car in a Shade

Although this does not seem to be a big deal, it can be the difference in having a car with streaks and a clean one. Remember that the sun is not friendly to the car’s exterior or the windshield. For instance, if your car is in strong sunlight, the water in the cleaner can evaporate quickly, leaving behind streaks and soap scum.