Seven Types of Hammocks You Should Know

Sunny days should never be allowed to slide past you, especially if you have an hamac mounted in place. These slings are perfect for indoor and outdoor uses, camping as well as hiking. The satisfaction derived and health benefits of using a hammock are innumerable. They come off as meaningful tools that can help users unwind, relax, sleep, or even store items.

There are also considered instantaneous sleep inducers, which can be a seamless solution for people battling insomnia. With a variety of hammocks available, you will need to select the specific one that satisfies your needs based on its features, materials, styles, and types. In this article, this vast array has been grouped into seven large classes based on their types.

Seven Types of Hammocks

  1. Brazilian Hammocks

Owing to its vibrant colors and exquisite Brazilian design, the Brazilian hammock looks perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. Its large weaves and cotton makeup offer a soothing and warm feel to the body. The weaves do not have spaces or openings. Therefore, this is perfect for kids to jump in and snuggle.

  1. Camping and Travel Hammocks

A hammock doesn’t fit in more to an occasion than it does when camping or traveling. Though they are unique in shapes, designs, and sizes, every camping and travel hammock has to be portable for ease of carriage. These types of hammocks are also perfect for hiking and backpack. Some of them can double as tents with mosquito nets and hanging above the ground level.

  1. Nicaraguan Hammocks

The Nicaraguan hammock fits in as a fantastic piece of household furniture due to its remarkable appearance, design, and comfort it offers. It is made of soft cotton strands. Although the material is prone to mildew attack if left outside for long, it offers so much comfort when used in the exterior. These soft strands of cotton are woven together using the double weaving techniques, hence making the hammock highly durable.

  1. Chair Hammocks

Chair hammocks offer a great way to relax and rebound with loved ones. It gives you the leverage you can enjoy on a swing like a sturdy setup and a compact structure and makes it convenient for kids to use alongside the adults.

  1. Fabric or Pool Hammocks

A hammock set up beside a pool defines a unique and matchless type of comfort. It is made with fabric to promote the resistance to mold and mildew resulting from the humid environment or wet bodies. They are mounted on spreader bars, which lets it take a dashing outlook while allowing users to climb in and out of the hammock with ease.

  1. String or Rope Hammocks

Rope or string hammocks are the most commonly used types of hammocks. They are usually suspended between two trees; hence they give off the image of what a typical hammock looks like. These types of hammocks are made of different materials, such as polyester and cotton.

  1. Parachute Hammocks

You can interchange this to be a camping hammock, except that it is longer and doesn’t have a tent. It comes with more space and can accommodate two people at once. Just like camping or travel hammock, Parachute hammocks are portable to travel with.


The types of hammocks available are inexhaustible. However, this article categorizes them into seven broad groups depending on their types. Knowing these broad types can help you pick the suitable hammock among so many.