New to the Gel Nail Polish World? Here are the Tips and Tricks

Don’t you love the way your nails look in gel polish? An Amazon Best Gel Polish is always better than your regular polish, no? Besides, what is the point of painting your nails if they shall chip in the next two days? If you would like to keep doing your nails in the comfort of your home, then it is easy! Experts in the game use their YouTube platforms to break it down for you. But if you want to read from a script and understand just how easy it is, keep scrolling through this blog post.

Items you will need for your DIY manicure.

The first thing you will need before attempting the home-gel manicure tricks and tips is a range of supplies. There are several options to select from. For instance, you can choose a gel kit online, particularly from Amazon, or purchase the supplies separately.

In that case, you will need:

  • A cuticle oil
  • Top and base coat
  • UV lamp
  • Nail buffer
  • Gel nail polish

Even though you can use regular polish to achieve your result, experts highly recommend using a topcoat in the long run. Stay on the safe side of all things by opting for UV gel nail polish. Besides, a regular polish would not last as long as the gel one. That is, even if you decide to use a coating.

The process of applying Gel Nail Polish

There is a process of applying Gel nail polish for it to last longer than you may expect. Prior to applying the gel polish, your nails should be prepped and ready. Here is how:

1.Cut the nails to equal lengths

2. File the nails to acquire smooth edges

3. Apply some cuticle oil to the nails-this should loosen up the cuticles- that way, you will be in a position to push the nails back in the most gentle manner possible. Wash your hands after that.

a. Buff your nails

Buff the edges of your nails. Failure to buff them would contribute to the build-up of oils in your natural nails. This will cut the lifespan of the gel nail polish. When done buffing, you can get rid of the remaining residues, including oils. Use an alcohol-based wipe for this.

b. Basecoat application

You now need to apply a base coat to your natural nails. This is the foundation for that fierce gel manicure. Once applied, you should cure the nails in the UV lamp for about 40 seconds. Well, depending on the lamp type you choose, the duration spent on base coating varies.

c. Paint your nails

The next step of your manicure phase involves picking your preferred color. Between the coatings, you should use UV light to cure the nails. Go ahead and repeat the steps until you achieve an opaque color. It is at this phase that you need to swipe a coat over the nails. After that, you can cure it under the lamp.


There you go. These are the top tips for recreating a worthy manicure gel polish at the comfort of your home. Sounds easy, right? When ready to remove the manicure, you can learn more about safely doing it not to damage your nails.