Is the Fingerprint Padlock Security System Secure?

The advent of biometrics in mobile devices changed the entire digital security system. Now biometrics have found their way into your very home physically. Padlocks and keys used to be the safest measure we could employ. Now, things have turned around with the introduction of smart fingerprint padlocks. The fingerprint padlock security could be said to have revolutionised home and padlock security. It is the first step to using completely digital methods for home and offices security.

A brief intro to the General Features of the Fingerprint Padlock Security

These fingerprint padlocks serve the same function as their physical counterparts. The same way a padlock serves to protect a certain location, the fingerprint padlock doubles this protecting effect. The same way a padlock allows access only to whoever holds the key, your fingerprint padlock does the same. However, in this regard, the fingerprint password is safer because the only copy of the key is with you, at all times- your fingerprint. However, you could choose to store up to ten different sets of fingerprints on the fingerprint padlock. This allows you to share access with staff and family members.

The fingerprint password has a false rejection rate as low as 0.001 per cent. Since nothing can be said to be 100 per cent safe, the value for the false rejection rate is more than reasonable. If someone could dedicate time to trying to break apart your fingerprint padlock and succeeds, then the physical padlock would not have stood a chance.

The fingerprint padlock security is also rechargeable. So when not in use you just plug it in. it has a built-in 3.7V 200mAH lithium battery. It could be used for up to 10,000 unlocks or set to standby for as long as two years. This is of course, as long as it charges fully.

Not to mention the fact that the biometric fingerprint scan effect covers a 360ᵒ range. So you simply touch and it opens.

Advantages of the Fingerprint Padlock Over the Typical Padlock

There are quite a few advantages but we will cover the two most irrefutable ones.

1) The fingerprint padlock security opens fast. The typical fingerprint padlock security unlocks in about 0.5 seconds. So you do not need to worry about standing too long before your door opens.

2) As mentioned earlier, the false rejection rate is at about 0.001 per cent. This means that just one in about one thousand persons can successfully imitate your fingerprint by chance. This is a chance anyone should be willing to pick. After all, the current lock-and-key padlock is just the right tools away from being picked.

3) The fingerprint padlock security is waterproof and designed to withstand just about any environmental condition. So you can use it in outdoor locations without worrying about rust.


The fingerprint padlock security comes in a few different sizes. This means that from your handbag or travel bag to your door, anything with the right setting can be locked. What is holding you back? With all these benefits you can be sure that whatever you lock, remains locked.