Is getting a jumping rope really worth it?


One type of exercise that people continue to underrate is jumping rope. Studies suggest that it might be more productive than other methods of cardio. It has been observed that people who jump rope for a particular period improve their cardiovascular vigor as much as those who spend three times the same amount of time jogging.

For some, corde a sauter was just a phase in life. The thought of it brings back memories of what you did as children either with parents or even with playmates. The sunshine and smiles, a time when there was little or nothing to worry about. Those were good times.

Why Use Jumping Rope?

Growing up, life has its way of making people too busy to engage in such activities. Or people are just too lazy to start. Jumping rope is a good way to jump-start your body system. Jumping rope on its own is quite effective in its way.

Just a tip of the iceberg, jumping rope is cheap and easy to purchase. Jumping rope can be done at any convenient place with just a little space and it is fun. Fun for all members of the family who can jump. Fun and fitness in one.

It Is Fun

Something to always put in mind when trying to build exercise habits is that it needs to be fun. You have to enjoy the workout. Yes, it is called a workout, but it does not have to be work when you enjoy it and it is beneficial to your health and your overall wellbeing. You do not have to make it seem like work.

The best thing about jumping rope or skipping as some may call it is that there are many different ways you can jump over the rope to make it fun for you and help you enjoy your workout. You can even create your pattern if it will help.

Time Efficiency

Jumping rope is a full-body workout and is intensity-based. This means that its effect on your lower limb depends on how much energy you put into the training. This makes it possible to achieve a lot within a short period.

How Jumping Rope Affects the Body

1. Polymeric In Nature

A polymeric exercise requires muscles to use maximum force in a short period. This is either done with the arm or feet. The polymeric exercise aims to increase speed. Jumping ropes helps participants achieve speed increment. Even though other exercises like jogging maybe be efficient, only jumping ropes and few other exercises help develop speed.

2. Bone Mass Strength

Jumping rope is known to play a major role in making bones stronger. Jumping rope over time increases your bone mass or bone density. It also plays a vital role in helping people not break bones as they get older and the weakness that comes with age starts knocking.

3. Cardiovascular System

Jumping rope is as essential as jogging as they both help build the cardiovascular system. Jumping rope involves great footwork and coordination. It also increases your heartbeat. Ten minutes of jumping ropes every day will help you adapt and manage your breathing, this is healthy for the heart and can help avoid heart diseases.


For your general wellbeing. It is important to spend at least 10 minutes every day jumping ropes. Your heart will be thankful that your hands and feet kept moving. Stay in shape.