How to Shop for the Right Dual Monitor Mount?

Having the most functional and comfortable workplace increases efficiency and productivity, aside from lifting your work morale. For example, it is tedious working for long hours on your computer screens. The clutter is non-appealing, but staring at your computer screens causes several complicated health issues. However, installing a dual monitor mount saves you space, maximizes your workspace performance, and provides flexible configurations. Thus, why not create the most functional and comfortable workplace | ATUMTEK with the right dual monitor mount.

Dual monitor mount stands can fit, secure and accommodate up to two monitors on countertops or desks. They have rotating steel arms for positioning your monitors horizontally or vertically to enhance your viewing angle.

With a dual monitor mount, you can multi-program, multi-task, divide resources between applications. You can also move around flexibly while adjusting your seat and even share your screen with a coworker. Besides, you can reduce your neck and back pain through exact height adjustments.

Today, we have different dual monitor types, starting with the complex multi-jointed ergonomic arms with a gas-powered spring mechanism to the freestanding risers. Which one is best for you? It is essential to know the difference between them, each with its pros and cons before buying. Here is a comprehensive guide to making an informed choice according to your needs and requirements.

Types of Dual Monitor Mounts

a.Freestanding dual monitor mount. It is easily adjustable to fit your needs; however, it doesn’t save you much space. This is because it is kept on the working desk instead of attaching to the sides.

b.The dual grommet monitor mount. It is mounted onto the end of your desk, saving a lot of space for you. The disadvantage is that you must have a thin attaching surface for it because a thick surface doesn’t efficiently attach the grommet.

c.The C-clamp dual monitor mount. It is also attached to the desk edge. It works with thicker surfaces too and quickly locks on to the side.

d.The freestanding riser. This is suitable if you are using a low working desk and have to elevate a lot. The riser provides comfortable height adjustment, which gives you the advantage of working while standing or sitting.

How to Pick the Right Dual Monitor Mount

1.Monitor compatibility with VESA

Before choosing a stand, consider the monitor getting attached to it. Look at the monitor’s size/weight and check if the mount can support it.

If you use a touch screen monitor, the stand must be durable and firm to withstand touch pressure and regular tapping. Also, consider compatibility with VESA, i.e., have standard mounting holes made at the back, straight into the monitor’s steel frame, which allows any compatible stand to get screwed in.

2.Articulation and adjustment flexibility

How easily can you adjust the swivels and arms of your monitor stand? Buy mounts that enable you to spin your monitors horizontally or vertically, with customized angles, rotated through 360 degrees, all depending on your work station for comfort. Examine the minimum and maximum viewing heights of your screen before buying.

3.Mount type

Grommets and clamps provide good stability, but they must be attached to your desk’s edge. Free stands are placed on any surface, but the stability will largely depend on the platform it is put on.


The type of mount affects how easily it is set up. Freestanding mounts need small to no installation, while grommets and C-clamps need more installation

5.Cable management

A quality cable management system improves the appearance of your workplace and computer set up. The monitor mount you buy should have boxes or metal hooks to efficiently keep all the wires and cables to give you a clutter-free and clean space.

What is the best way of positioning the two monitors? Getting the most out of two monitors requires you to establish the quantity of time you take on each of them.

Final Thoughts

The best workstation brings productivity. With the tips above, nothing stops you from achieving and maintaining perfection. Note, you need a conducive and comfortable working space to realice your full potential.