How to Safely Buy Cheap FIFA 20 Coins?

FIFA 20 FUT is the perfect source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. That has become even more important as the Pandemic canceled all football leagues and there aren’t any live matches to watch on TV.

Therefore, millions of people craving for football has turned toward FIFA 20 FUT. 

However, they know that they can’t have a great team without FIFA coins. And by that, we mean a hefty amount of FIFA coins that you can use to improve your team and make it very competitive.

How to earn coins?

Basically, there are two real ways of getting a significant amount of coins. One is the good old grind- you play your matches, you win as many as possible, complete building challenges, trade players, and trade items. 

That’s great and it is one way to approach this. In an ideal world, that’s how everyone should earn their coins. 

However, this is far from an ideal world as so many players are tricking the system by buying instead of earning coins. That alone puts you in an inferior position. The only way to tackle that and even the playfield is if you buy some as well.

Truth is not everyone has the time or the energy to grind days and nights to catch up with those that have already purchased coins. 

That makes buying coins the second alternative to significantly increasing your FIFA coins stack. 

How to buy coins?

When it comes to buying coins, the single best advice is to buy from reliable and trustworthy websites. Every guide on how to buy FIFA coins needs to start with the criteria on what makes one such of those websites worth considering.

Here’s what we got.

  • The website needs to pass the Norton test. Simply paste the website in the designated field at Norton’s safety portal and see the results. If it passes Norton’s test, you can start looking at other criteria.
  • The best ones in this industry offer refunds if for some reason you change your mind and want your money back.
  • The privacy policy is also an aspect that is considered by the best service providers who are committed to protecting your data. They will never sell any of your personal information such as email, bank account, trade details, and so on. 
  • They work with all the best-known payment cards and payment processors such as Master Card, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi, etc. 
  • They are praised for their professionalism by other FIFA 20 FUT players. Nowadays, there are massive communities on Facebook and Reddit where trading websites are regularly discussed. There you can learn which trading websites are trustworthy and which one should be avoided.

Last but not least, if you want to get a good deal, take your time, and compare prices. If you followed our mini-guide closely than you’ve probably learned about a few trustworthy trading websites. 

The only remaining thing to be done is the purchase – buy from the one that can have the best offer!