How to properly feed a child a get the best results

Most mothers often complain of the inability to properly breastfeed their children so that is why they often go out for organic formula to help them in feeding baby safely.

These mothers always ask, what is the best organic formula and how should they take in these formulas to get the best results? We will help you with that.

When choosing a good formula you would want to stick to, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. A good formula must not be harmful to the stomach of the child and it must be very rich in content. It is these content that makes the child grow healthy.

As a mother, you will always need to experiment with the different formula types to know the right one that will be suitable for you and your child.

As a mother, it is very easy to spot the right one for your child just by their reactions to it. Once they respond positively to one, always ensure that you stick to that one well.

Most mothers often tend towards adding several doses of prebiotics in the formula to help the child. However, several reports have shown that the use of prebiotics makes the stomach of some of the children very gassy.

Whatever you want to choose is totally up to you.

Things to consider before choosing and preparing formula for your children.

While preparing your formula, there are a lot of things that you need to avoid. A lot of mothers know what to give their children to but they do not know what they shouldn’t give to their children. In the remaining sections, we will discuss extensively on the things to avoid when it comes to baby formula.

  • Refined sugar.

When feeding your baby with formula, one thing you need to avoid at all costs is giving your child refined sugar. When a child has a lot of refined sugar present in the body, it could lead to diabetes at a young age which is very dangerous.

  • Palm oil.

As a growing child, it is best to completely leave palm oil out of the child’s diet. This is because, the presence of palm oil is the intestines of the child makes it difficult for the child to absorb, making it turn to a foam-like substance over time. This could lead to serious damage of the intestine if it is not properly taken care of.

  • Herbicides and Pesticides.

It is best to avoid any kind of food that has come in contact with any type of pesticide or herbicide during the manufacturing process. This is because the pesticides in the food may end up causing a lot of damage to the digestive system of the child.


Always pay attention to the kind of food your child eats. Watch out for the ingredients before giving the child the food. If your child reacts negatively, switch to another formula immediately.