How to Make Your 613 Hair Look Good Again?

The hair market is flooded with all kinds of hair. They come in varying colors, styles, lengths, and hair materials. The 613 hair is usually blonde or light blonde colored hair used for making human hair wigs. When new, 613 hair is lustrous and fashionable but fades after some time. 613 human hair wigs are pricey, so throwing one away may not be the best option. You can restore it in several ways. We talk about 613 hair revival below.

How to Revive Your 613 Hair

Hair restoration helps bring back its original state despite being in use for a while. Faded hair is quite unpleasant and can be frustrating to the owner. To curb this problem, do the following;

1. Detangle your 613 hair

Detangling is a necessary process for any hair with knots to prevent breakage and enable washing. It is achieved by gently brushing or combing through the hair. Matted hair is really difficult to detangle, so using a good conditioner can help loosen the strands, and a wide-toothed comb can quickly go through. When detangling, brush the tips first till you get to the roots. Starting with the roots will only damage the hair more and cause it to break. Apply conditioner to every hair section, use your hands or comb, then rinse in cold water. Pat lightly using a dry towel, apply your preferred moisturizer and leave to dry.

2. Apply deep conditioner to your 613 hair

The deep conditioning process is an essential part of hair maintenance. Whether you are reviving the hair or not, the process should be done regularly for maximum benefits. Most human hair wigs come with cuticles intact. Deep conditioning allows products to enter the cuticles, making the hair strands soft. Apply a good amount of hair product and use your hands or comb to distribute it. Opening up of the cuticles promotes absorption, and the hair becomes moist and lustrous again.

3. Wash the 613 hair before application

After having your 613 hair weave for a while, ensure you wash it after removing it. Wearing dull and dry hair makes the hair look cheap even if you bought it at a high price. Washing the hair removes clogged dirt and oils and restores its natural pattern, either wavy or curly. Moisturizing makes the hair shine and become attractive once again.

4. Boiling in a Ziploc bag

This method is not as common, but it works pretty well in 613 hair revival. Start by detangling the hair and apply a mixture of oil and conditioner to make it soft and shiny. Bring water to a boil and deep a Ziploc bag containing the hair inside it. Let it stay for about 20 minutes, then remove it. Take out the 613 hair, put it in a bowl, and pour the boiling water on it. Cover it and let it sit for approximately 2 hours. When everything is cooled., brush the hair and air dry it. The hair’s appearance will be enhanced, making it look new.


The 613 hair color is impressive to all women who can rock the blonde look. The steps above will help restore your hair to its original condition. They also extend its lifespan and keep it looking as good as new. With a good maintenance routine, you don’t have to discard your hair, and it saves you a considerable amount of money needed to purchase new hair.