How To Make Deep Wave Curls Last Longer

Deep wave bundles have tight and natural curls. The curls add a lot of body to the hair and form a modern style. However, deep wave bundles usually lack length and thickness. Everyone wants to own deep wave bundles because they are pretty and popular. However, most people do not enjoy the curls for a long time. Most people do not know the best ways to maintain deep wave hair. This blog guides you on how to make deep wave curls last long.

Maintaining deep wave curls

Below are practical tips for making deep wave curls last longer;

1. Do not underestimate the power of oiling

The first thing you should do to maintain deep wave curls is oil the hair. Experts recommend oiling deep wave hair at least twice per week. You can do it once if you do not wear the hair often. Regardless, oiling will keep the hair looking attractive and hold the curls. The oil stiffens the curls, so they do not come loose. Additionally, oiling enhances the hair texture. Ensure to choose the right hair products depending on the type of hair and wig. Using the wrong products could backfire on you.

2. Combs and brushes are not your friends

Conventionally, combs are must-have hair products. This is because hair needs regular combing to look neat and appealing. However, this is not the case with deep wave hair. Combing curly hair is equivalent to eliminating its curls. Combs and brushes are not designed for curly hair. Instead of combing the hair, the wise thing would be to use your fingers to detangle the hair. However, if your hair is too tangled, you can try wide-toothed combs. Keep in mind that even if you are using wide-toothed combs, using them over and over will damage the curls. Arguably, brushes are worse; they can make the curls undefined and unattractive.

3. Avoid constant washing

While washing is a vital part of maintaining hair bundles and weaves, regular washing can do a lot of harm to your deep wave curls. Exposure to water causes the curls to loosen. More often than not, the curls do not come loose during the cleaning but as the hair dries. Every time you dry the hair, the curls lose their definition. Washing also demands that you comb or brush the hair afterward. You already know the impacts of combing or brushing from the previous section. However, you cannot ignore cleaning 100%. The wise thing to do would be to use dry shampoo between washes and only do deep cleaning every couple of weeks.

Final word

Deep wave curls are usually easy to style. However, when they get damaged, they become hard to style. They also lose their body and aesthetic appeal. The tips above will help you keep this from happening. However, the curls may still get lose after a while. When this happens, you can re-do them using a curling iron. Ensure to set the curling iron to medium heat. You can also use plastic hair rollers or curlers.