How to identify your body type like a pro

If looking good all the time could be a full-time job, a lot of women will oblige. Women enjoy looking beautiful. It boosts their self-esteem and confidence. This is why most clothes shoppers are women. They enjoy getting new clothes and showing off their outfits. But it’s not enough to buy new clothes. You must know your body type.

Body types are very important. It plays a major role in our cloth fittings. A dress that fits someone will likely not fit another person with a different body shape. Plus size women often have to search through wholesale plus size dresses just to find fitting clothes without even considering their body type.

So, how can you identify your body type like a pro?

Let’s find out

How to identify your body type

The first step is to look at your curves. Look at how connected your bust, waist, hips, and shoulders are. Note that the best way to identify your body type is often after puberty. You can identify it some years before, but it’s only evident when your bust, waist, and hips start defining themselves.

1. Apple body type

This is also referred to as ‘top heavy’. Over 14 percent of women globally are in this category. Their bust is about three inches wider than their hips. You can look at yourself in the mirror and know whether you’re apple-shaped.

You have wide shoulders and slim limbs, especially the arms. Also, it looks like you have a protruding stomach and large bust all the time because your weight is settled around your chest and midsection. If your bust is smaller, your weight can settle at your midriff.

Your waist is almost not defined in this body shape. This is why people call it ‘top heavy’. You’d have to wear clothes that divert attention from your waist.

2. Pear body type

This is the opposite of apple body shape. The pear body shape is also referred to as ‘triangular shape’ or ‘bottom heavy’. Over 20 percent of women have this shape. Their hips are considerably wider than their bust.

 It’s easier to identify this body shape than the apple one because parts of your lower body are more noticeable. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips.

3. Rectangular body type

This is also referred to as ‘straight body shape’. This is the commonest body shape you can see. Over 46 percent of women globally have this body shape. Their waist measurement is almost the same as their bust and hips. Their silhouette isn’t very curvy compared to apple or pear bodies.

However, this body type is very unique because you can’t identify it by just looking at the mirror. You have to measure it. If your waist measurement is between one to eight inches of your bust measurement, then you’re rectangular shaped.

4. Hourglass body type

This is the least common body type, with only 8 percent of women globally. The bust and hip measurements are almost equal. They also have a tiny waist that is proportional to the lower and upper parts of the body.

Look out for fleshy upper arms, wider shoulders, and fuller bottoms.