How to apply and care for your teeth whitening tray

It is only normal that everyone desires a white dentition. With white teeth, one could always give a dazzling smile with confidence. However, white teeth are not easy to achieve, but it is possible to achieve. This article is all you should know about teeth whitening trays.

All you need to know about Teeth Whitening Trays

According to dental experts, teeth whitening trays, also known as Nightguard vital bleaching, are the best method for whitening one’s teeth. Teeth whitening trays contain 10% carbamide peroxide, and this is highly efficient in teeth whitening. Instead of other teeth whitening methods that contain acidic or abrasive ingredients, you should go for teeth whitening trays. Abrasive methods of teeth whitening could cause damage to the enamel of your teeth rather than whiten them.

In getting a teeth whitening tray, you should look out for:

one that is thick and a bit rubbery

extends 3mm past your gum line and has no scallops.

one that is an exact fit for your gum sulcus. Your teeth whitening tray has to fit precisely into your gum sulcus to keep the gel in place.

one that has no gel reservoir.

In using a teeth whitening tray, you should;

  • Ensure your teeth whitening tray is clean at all times, however, do not try cleaning it with hot water as this could cause the rubbery plastic to warp.
  • In applying the gel, you should use only as much as the size of a bead on each tooth.
  • Adding more gel than that does not hasten the process. It would only lead to wastage.
  • On attaching the tray, gently press it on your teeth to put it in place with the gel holding it in. To adjust the tray, gently press on it against the front surfaces of your teeth.
  • Ensure that there is no spillover of the whitening gel by running your finger across your gumline.
  • When you wake up, remove the whitening tray and brush your teeth. After using a teeth whitening tray, you should properly clean it.
  • Cleaning your teeth whitening tray requires you to remove the excess gel from the tray with a cotton swab before and after use. Trying to use hot water in cleaning your teeth whitening tray would make it lose its shape.

NOTE: You can safely wear your teeth whitening tray for at least 10 hours as the carbamide peroxide gel remains active for that long.

There are some limitations in the use of teeth whitening trays. For this reason, you need to consult a dentist before you start using one.

Apply the whitening gel up to your first molar. You must do this to ensure an almost uniform result. Whitening your teeth up to at least your first molar ensures that there is no visible color transition in your teeth.

– Do not apply the whitening gel to any teeth you have been instructed by a dentist to avoid.

Final thoughts

Getting yourself a teeth whitening tray that has all the features you need could be challenging. However, you could save yourself the stress by getting a custom teeth whitening tray. A custom teeth whitening tray is all you need in staying comfortable while using teeth whitening trays.