How do you use a hose reel properly

If you have a garden and are actively involved in it, then chances are that you have a hose reel. However, there’s a big difference between having a hose reel and actually make it work properly. People usually have lots of installation issues and sometimes even handling of the hose reels.

If you are in this situation, then you might find this article to be useful. This article will provide tips on how to handle various types of hose reels in the best way possible.

How to handle Hose reels the right way

1. If you are using manual hose reels

If you are using manual hose reels, then you might have to use some energy to get the task done. This type of hose reels usually comes with a handle and a drum.

To get your hose reels working and moving in the right direction, you will need to use the handle in either direction.

2. The recoiling process

If there is one area of using a hose reel that people don’t get right, it has to be the recoiling process. This is the part where a hose reel can easily get spoilt.

To avoid this, try not to take out of your hose from the hose reels too sharply. If you are using a spring reel, this will do a lot of damage to your hose reel.

When damage is done, it might not be easy to give your hose reels a recoil. This might permanently leave it in a bad condition. The last thing you want is to be looking to buy a new hose reel so early on.

3. Storage of your hose reel

You need to know how to store your hose reels. Storage is important as it makes things neater and prolongs the lifespan of your hose reels.

When storing hose reels, make sure you keep them out of sunlight. The effects of the sun can damage your hose reels in ways you probably didn’t possible. It will make the inner tube larger which will make the hose reels way less effective.

To properly store your hose reels, you should keep them clean by using a cloth. Make sure that it is slightly damp. That is perfect for a hose reel.

What if I can’t handle my hose reel?

If you cannot handle your hose reel or your hose reels are already damaged, then you have to start looking for solutions. One solution might be to get a replacement. Another one might be to do more research in finding the most suitable hose reel.

Using so will leave best equipped in keeping your garden in optimum shape.


So there it is. Knowing how to handle your hose reels is crucial. When you handle it properly, you will be able to get the most out of it and prolong the life of the hose reel.

Once that is achieved, then the sky really is the limit to what you can achieve with the hose reels.