Get It Right: Choose the Right Lace Front Wig Size

In the process of hunting for perfect lace front wigs, you are met with numerous choices; length, density, color, processed or unprocessed, and most importantly, the size. No matter how stunning a wig looks, it will most definitely not look good on you if it doesn’t correctly fit you. Choosing the right front lace wig size is crucial. Read on and get it right!

The Lace Front

Lace fronts are skin-like, invisible material hand-tied with hair to mimic the scalp. Lace front wigs look natural even in a close-range look; they give you a perfect hairline since the lace stretches from ear to ear. Lace front wigs are made with caps that have the lace front attached to them at the front. There are different sizes of lace frontals; before buying a lace wig, it’s essential to note its measurement.

You might ask why knowing the sizes is important; we all don’t have the same head size. This is why you have to get the right size. Most people use fabric tape or string to measure their heads to get a fitting wig. If you are doing it alone, you will need a mirror; measure the circumference of your head by placing your tape from ear to ear to measure the front.

The average measurement of most people is 13×4, but you can order a customized lace wig that will fit you if you have a different figure.

How To Read Lace Front Measurements

Lace fronts are very similar; you can’t tell the size by taking a simple look. The measurements are usually written on the cover or the description if you are ordering online. You have to know how to read the measurements and select the one that properly fits you. They are usually in inches; for example, a 13 by 4 lace wig means that the lace across the front covering the hairline is 13 inches and four inches back, while a 13 by six means the lace is 13 inches across with a width of six inches.

How to get the right frontal lace length

The average size of lace frontals is 13×4; the length of the hair bundles you have chosen determines the length of the frontal lace hair. Longer lace frontal can accommodate any hair texture; wavy hair looks shorter and will require longer frontals. The size of the frontals depends on the hair texture, the shape of your face, and the hairstyle.

If you have a broad chubby face, a longer lace frontal is recommended so that it slims down your face. The hair texture, the shape of your face, and your preferred hairstyle determine the perfect length of the frontal lace hair.


To achieve a perfect look, you need to choose the right length. If you are undecided about the length, you can order long hair because it can easily be trimmed. Some people prefer long fuller hair with the same length; this can be achieved by buying bundles with the same lengths. If you wish to style up and achieve a layered look, you can buy frontal lace hair with bundles of different lengths. Longer frontal lace