Five Best Materials For Your Bathroom Vanity Top

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or making a new one, the vanity top is an essential factor to consider. It is something that you use for a long time and is not that easy to replace. Because of this, you need to consider the materials and your financial capability. 

Vanity tops can be made with different kinds of materials. For example, you can even create one using lava stones, which are durable and stylish. However, that might be very pricey and incompatible with your bathroom. This article will present some of the most practical and stylish bathroom vanity tops materials that are highly compatible with most bathrooms. 

Best materials for your bathroom vanity top

1. Granite 

Granite is probably one of the most common materials for a bathroom vanity top. It is durable and stylish, with a lot of different patterns available. You would love to know that this material is resistant to heat and scratches. You can expect granite vanity tops to last for years and add resale value to your home. If you want the best in everything, Granite vanity tops are hard to beat.

2. Marble 

Bathroom Vanity Top

If you want a more luxurious style finish, then marble is your best choice. Marble has been known for ages to be the symbol of wealth and luxury. It’s beautiful, durable, and can withstand heat just like granite. Though you might also have to make a lot of effort for cleaning and maintenance. Both granite and marble need re-sealing, but marble requires it quite more often. 

3. Tiles 

Bathroom Vanity Top

In a scale of lawfully good to chaotic evil, Tiles can be placed in true neutral. This material is durable and attractive enough to last a couple of years. For the price of $10 to $40 per linear foot, tiles are very cheap compared to other materials available. However, the fatal flaw of this material is the gap between each tile, which usually becomes dirty and hard to clean. If you can handle the high-maintenance, this is the option that has the most bang for your bucks.

4. Solid Surface

Solid Surface vanity tops are made with synthetic materials, probably with acrylic resin and quartz. If you want to add a unique design, this material is one of the best options out there. You don’t have to worry about re-sealing because it’s not needed. Its water-resistant, stains resistant, and even bacteria resistant. However, this material is not heat resistant and might attract scratches over time.

5. Wood 

Bathroom Vanity Top

The good old wood is a material that creates a natural look for any construction. If you don’t mind that you have to re-seal it a lot after installation, this is the best budget-friendly option. It’s sturdy and looks good in almost any type of bathroom. Reclaimed wood is the best kind of wood for this job, but it’s also priced more than newly sourced wood.


That’s it for the five best materials for bathroom vanity tops. All of these are ready for purchase online with different shipping options available. Make sure to take note of the care and maintenance needed for the material. If in doubt, contact a professional to pick and install the right material for your bathroom.