Find Out How EVA Cases Are Used

EVA cases can withstand any harsh conditions that they get put through. Unlike placing your products in a simple box, a custom EVA case encases each item, keeping everything in place. EVA is a remarkable revolutionary material that is easier to manufacture than metal and more robust than plastic. EVA is also lighter than metal, and it’s less expensive. To learn more about EVA casings or make an order, visit The application of EVA cases spans multiple industries, which we discuss in this article.

1. Marketing Industry

Marketing teams use EVA cases to display their products or prototypes to potential clients. The manufacturers take full consideration of aesthetics when designing the package, and the decision on each part gets thoroughly thought through before production. The outcome of the design is a spectacular display case for products that showcase high performance and effectiveness.

2. Medical Industry

Medical equipment needs to be kept away safely and should also be placed in a sterile environment. Some equipment also needs to be branded or labeled for easy identification by the user. Whichever customization is required, EVA customized cases are perfect for sensitive medical equipment. For doctors who practice in the field, EVA cases can protect their equipment from extreme environments and climate. The EVA cases are also light and easy to move around and transport.

3. Military Industry

The military and security industry is the biggest user of custom EVA cases. Military equipment needs to be transported to the field safely and protected from an extremely hostile environment. EVA cases are sturdy enough to carry around heavy and bulky equipment. The EVA cases are also lightweight, so they do not add to the final weight. Because the military sometimes deals with chemicals, EVA cases are perfect for such jobs because they are chemical proof.

4. Photography Industry

Photography equipment, such as lenses, can be too delicate. When transporting photography equipment to a remote location, EVA cases store the equipment keeping it safe during transportation.

Also, most photography equipment is packaged in EVA casing from the point of sale. Keeping the equipment in the EVA casing ensures it is in mint condition when it is purchased. Camera cases are designed to hold multiple pieces of equipment with the cut to precision inserts that fit everything in place.

5.  Audio and Video Industry

Video and audio devices used by musicians and entertainers are delicate and need to be stored carefully during transport. Manufacturers of audio and video equipment also package their products in EVA casing. The main reason for this is that the cases keep the equipment protected and manufacturers’ ability to add aesthetic value to the EVA cases through customization.

Using EVA cases extends the durability of the equipment stored inside. In high temperatures, the EVA cases can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the products safe under extreme conditions.


The application of custom EVA case types are noticeable in all industries. The reason being they are lightweight, easy to make, pocket friendly, and strong, making them perfect for storing delicate equipment safely. Manufacturers make custom EVA cases in under a month after the final design has been approved. Some of the industries that use EVA cases include the military, marketing, electrical, and engineering.