Easy Ways To Transfer Phone Contacts to iPhone From Android

Hearty congratulations on acquiring that new iPhone 11! Perhaps it is one of the latest flagship devices from the Apple Company. It is also equipped with several high-end features that will definitely offer you an unforgettable experience. Even so, if you really want to have that seamless experience, you need to begin by transferring your contacts from the Android to iPhone.

Besides, a phone is literally nothing without its actual contacts, right? This may sound tedious, but worth it in the long run. It is pretty much easy to move your contacts from an android to that new iPhone. You can make good use of iTunes and MobileTrans. But, there are more options available on the market, and we are going to discuss in this blog post. How can you transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? Use the following methods.

Using IOS to transfer phone contacts to iPhone from Android

To start with, we can have a quick look at the immediate solution given by Apple to transfer contacts from one device (Android) to another. Usually, the move using IOS is readily available for free, particularly on the play store. The app can assist you in moving those contacts, photos, and videos from one storage docket to another.

Even so, you should only factory reset the phone before anything else. Also, the devices need to be connected to a shared WiFi network before anything. When you have met the set conditions, you can follow the steps below to move your contacts from an Android phone to an iPhone.

Steps to follow

Turn the iPhone on. Begin the initial setup process. When still in the process of setting up that device, you can choose to shift the existing data from your Android phone. Go ahead and launch the icon known as Move to IOS on the Samsung device. Ensure that it is connected to the shared WiFi network as the iPhone. Go ahead and tap on the button that reads ‘Continue’ on the two phones.

Using A Simcard

If you feel like you cannot use a devoted application in transferring your contacts from the Android to an iPhone, then there is always another option. Use a SIM card. Here, the option allows you to move the contacts physically from one phone to the next device. Therefore, you need to be present physically and will enable the device to have some space that can accommodate the number of contacts you have.

Also, the SIM card needs to have sufficient space for the same reason. Most of the time, the contact number, coupled with the name, is accommodated within the limited space. Additional details, such as the ringtone and email, will be discarded in this process. Here is one of the ways you can move contacts from one Android to an iPhone, this time using a SIM card.

Step 1 – you can begin by going to the Samsung’s contacts app then settings and then import contacts.

Step 2 – from this point, you can choose to export all the existing contacts to the SIM card. In case the SIM card has sufficient storage for the contacts, then you will realize that the entire process is going to be completed, usually, successfully. Use a SIM ejector to remove the SIM card from the phone and then attach it to the iPhone.

Immediately the SIM has been detected on the iPhone; you can head to the settings and then the contacts to select the icon that reads Import SIM contacts. Confirm your selection and then wait for some time as the SIM contacts are imported to the phone memory.

Final Thoughts

There you go! We have shared our thoughts on some of the primary ways to import contacts from Android to iPhone. Therefore, you can easily make the transition using the steps above. We hope that these tips are helpful in every way possible.