Diamond painting: why it’s worth the hype

If you’re an avid follower of the happenings in the art world, the diamond painting wouldn’t be a strange term to you. Diamond painting is one craft that’s gaining huge prominence every day.

Diamond painting is done by picking and placing bits of diamond stones on a printed canvas. The print on the canvas could be a picture that needs to be recreated. The gems are placed on the canvas with the aid of resins that ensure that they stick on the canvas. The use of color-coding makes the process of arranging the gems quite seamless. The result is always a sparkling and colorful design that’s bound to be the cynosure of all eyes. This article looks at various reasons why people invest so much time and resources into diamond painting art.

Sparkling stones

It’s no gainsaying that not many persons can afford actual diamonds in creating a colourful diamond painting work. However, you could easily get gems that are made from synthetics, and these diamonds retain the sparkling qualities of the real diamond. When you get down to work, you get to realize that there are various designs when it comes to diamond paintings. You could decide to cover the whole canvas with diamond bits or even go with a partial design. The partial design means half of the canvas will be diamond painting while the other half will be an actual painting. Also, there are various other gems that you could use while painting; gems like rhinestone, beads and tiles.

The possibilities are endless

There are no limits to the amount of design or pattern to create when it comes to diamond painting. You could even decide to recreate your favorite portraits on a diamond painting canvas. Asides recreation of pictures, you could also work on your favorite quotes using sparkling stones. Furthermore, there’s an array of frame sizes to work with if you’re looking o eventually frame your work.

It’s quite seamless

There’s no gainsaying that there are many crafts that require specific qualities of you. This is not the case with diamond painting as a few tutorials should set you on your way to creating an exquisite piece. It’s essential also to note that once you have the necessary tools, the whole diamond painting process becomes straightforward.

It appeals to all age grades

The intriguing thing about diamond painting is that everyone gets fascinated by the sight of the work; this makes it suitable for a variety of backgrounds. Your work could be hung up your wall in your home or office as the case may be. Also, the fact that the painting is usually framed makes it difficult for it to get spoilt by water or dust.

Final Thoughts

Diamond painting is an appealing form of art for everyone who likes to get creative. This article highlights some top reasons why you should try out this craft.