Corporate Gift Products Rules for Buying Promotional Items

Promotional gift merchandise or items has become the order of the day when it comes to promoting business brands. With corporate gift products, you can create the right impression of your brand to prospects and existing clients.

Some business owners still get using promotional gift items (know more) all wrong. This is why we put together this post to help you.

Why you should get buying corporate gift products right

It is very important that you devise ways to make your business stand out amidst the ever-changing business environment. There is so much competition these days that your products or services can get lost in the crowd.

Promotional gift merchandise help to keep your brand relevant but if you don’t get it right, it could go south. There is nothing worse than negative publicity for a growing brand. These corporate gift products that may seem so inconsequential are the key representatives of your brand in the marketplace. 

This is one fact we must face, promotional gift items have the power to build or destroy any business. How you use them is what matters. For example, if you send out items without putting your logo or having spelling errors on them, it could be detrimental.

Immediately people come across such items, they are likely to see the errors. Once they do, they have the impression that you do not pay attention to detail. First impressions are very hard to erase, especially if you don’t have one-on-one contact. 

This is why you must be careful to get using your promotional merchandise right. Let’s show you a few rules to guide how you can get and maximize these items in the next section.

Corporate Gift Products Rules

Rules to guide you in getting corporate gift products

Promotional gift merchandise has the capacity to boost the value of your business and increase customer engagements and ROI. Of course, this depends on whether you can maximize their potential.  

To help you get the best of the corporate gift items, here are a few rules for you to follow.

Endeavor to gain an understanding of your recipients

Who will you present your promotional gift items to? Your clients, are your recipients which means you need to consider them before picking any items. There are several questions you must answer, each one relating to how your recipients would feel about the items.

Some of these questions include, what do your clients like? What kind of items do your clients need? Do they have any preferences regarding any products? 

If you are able to provide answers to these questions, then you will find easier to pick out items for your promotion. This feasibility study for corporate gift products is very crucial to how successful your promotion will turn out. 

Whether you recipients are clients, prospects, attendees at events, or even employees, strive to understand their requirements. Other factors that will help you gain further understanding include demographics, behavioral patterns, and specific interests.

It is easier to adjust your plans when you have these details at your fingertips. The aim of every promotion is to ensure that recipients enjoy the gifts they receive. This way they can use them for longer thus yielding more impressions for your brand.

Corporate Gift Products Rules

Brand style and identity is important in corporate gift products

Another question you need to ask yourself before giving out merchandise is, do you choose items randomly? Or do they form cohesion with your brand? 

As you plan a new promotion, it is imperative that you consider past promotions and follow a pattern. What was your previous design like? Even if there will be changes, they should be as minimal as possible, at best, simple tweaks.

Elements of your brand style and identity such as logo, colors, and even product textures must be considered. They should be in line with previous patterns even if the promotional gift merchandise is different.

Your style and identity should cut across different merchandise types so that you can create a sort of professional vibe. It will be the perfect mix of creative, fun, and professionalism, just what you need to drive your promotion.

Corporate Gift Products Rules

Minimalism is the key for corporate gift products

Too much on a design is distracting and in some cases, distasteful. Customers and prospects would prefer to receive corporate gift items that have very little going on. This means your artwork or graphics and text should not overshadow the gift item. 

There are three things you should consider when choosing artwork for your promotional gift items. Consider what kind of design you want, what is realistically achievable, and how it will look after printing.

This should give you a mental picture of what to expect and how your clients will perceive your gifts. To help you, it is wise to look at big brands and how they design their promotional merchandise. 

When the branding is clear, rather than complex, it always looks fantastic and easy to understand. With these factors, customers are more likely to make use of these items. Remember, the whole intention is to attract as much use as possible.

Corporate Gift Products Rules


Style and identity is one thing, consistency is a whole different ball game. When you change corporate gift products and colors for every promotion campaign, you cause a bit of confusion. 

You need to decide what kind of items you want to use in promoting your brand. When you do, stick with them for the long haul. Of course, this should be based on the results you get the first time. 

Don’t get this point wrong, it is not saying stick with exactly the same products, colors, or designs forever. What it’s implying is that you create a connection and ensure cohesion between all the corporate gift items you use.

When you notice that certain products are no longer favored, simply switch it up. Find something that is connected to your previous items or design. But make sure that it has a connection so it doesn’t feel like you are inconsistent.

Corporate Gift Products Rules


Promotional gift merchandise has so much power, but the secret lies in getting their use right. If you do, promotion gift items can become the rocket that will shoot your business to the next level. If you have any demand for custom promotional gift products, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.