Commonly asked questions about hose reels

Giraffe is one of the top hose reel brands on the market. The brand is known for manufacturing some of the best hose reels, like the Giraffe pressure washer hose reel. This product is one of the leading pressure washer hose reels on the market. Click here for more details on this product. In this post, we will be answering some hose reel FAQs.

FAQs about hose reels

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about hose reels?

1. What is the work of a hose reel?

The primary role of a hose reel is to store a garden or pressure washer hose. It comes with a crank where the hose is stored. In addition to storing the hose, the reel is also used to protect the hose from damages by preventing twisting and kinking.

2. Why are retractable hose reels more popular than other types?

Retractable hose reels are the preferred hose reel option by most people because they do not require manually rewind the hose onto the reel once you are done using it. With the retracting element, you have to release the hose, and it will rewind automatically. These hose reels are usually electric or gas-powered. In simple terms, the popularity of retractable hose reels can be attributed to their convenience and ease of use.

3. How can you replace a hose on a retractable hose reel?

Replacing a hose on a retractable reel is quite simple. All you have to do is hold the hose in place on the wheel of the retractable hose reel. Before doing this, you must unscrew both sides of the clamp. From there, you can remove the white plastic clip from the hose connector inside the reel. After doing this, you can remove the hose from the retractable hose reel and insert a new one.

4. What is the best retractable hose reel brand?

There are numerous brands of retractable hose reels on the market. Among the numerous hose reel brands, Giraffe is one of the best choices. Giraffe hose reels are made using the most durable materials. The best and most experienced engineers also design them. The company is known for making unique and attractive hose reel designs.

Additionally, Giraffe boasts of a positive reputation in the hose reel market. Therefore, whether you are looking for a garden hose reel or a retractable hose reel, Giraffe is the go-to brand.

5. What is the difference between a garden hose reel and a pressure washer hose reel?

The primary difference between these two products is the application. A pressure washer hose reel is used for storing a pressure washer hose. On the other hand, a garden hose reel is used for garden hoses. Pressure washers are used for cleaning vehicles, verandas, and various surfaces, while garden hoses are used for watering plants and cleaning gardening tools.


All the questions answered above are common among new hose reel buyers. This means that before you invest in a hose reel, it would be wise to research details like the ones provided above.