Can You Use Your Smartphone for Travel Photography?

Photography used to be a limited art form due to the expensive gear needed plus it used to have a steep learning curve. Today, photography has come a long way. Anyone can take great pictures with a good smartphone. If you are taking travel photos simply for a blog or Instagram feed, then you should try mobile photography instead.

Mobile photography skills are a must when traveling. The latest phone models are packed with great camera features that can perform even better than most digital cameras. Of course, they will not amount to what DSLR cameras can achieve but if you know the right settings, use the right filters, and even use some extra gear, you can get amazing travel photos every time you are out on a trip.

Why do mobile photography for travel?

Easy to carry

The thing about professional cameras is that they come with a lot of gear and you have to lug a camera bag everywhere you go. Your lenses and gear can be very expensive as well so you have to carry your camera bag with great care. This can be inconvenient if you are hiking or doing water activities. A smartphone can easily fit in your pocket and you can move around freely. This makes you enjoy your travel more.

Easy to operate

The camera in your smartphones have AI technology and built-in camera kit features to help you capture beautiful photos on the go. Even kids can produce a good photo with these automated features. Smartphones are very easy to operate and learn too compared to working with the settings of a DSLR.

Resources are free

Learning is easier because a lot of resources are free. You can get tutorials on YouTube and numerous blogs. All you have to do is go to Google, key in your phone model and type in camera tutorial. Compare that to taking professional photography lessons, which can be expensive sometimes and demands you to buy additional gear as well.

Cheaper than a real camera

The latest smartphones are not cheap. But when you think about it, they are cheaper than getting a professional camera and gear. Investing in a smartphone with the best camera features for your mobile photography needs will still be cheaper overall. Repair costs for a smartphone are also cheaper compared to repairing a professional-grade camera.

Shoot and go

If you are in a rush, all you have to do is shoot the picture, make sure the angles are right, and leave. You can edit the photo later when you tweak the settings with your phone’s editor or a photo editing app that you love to use. Compared this with using a professional cam where you have to switch lenses or bring out a couple of gear before you get a good shot.

If you know you are traveling soon, try to invest in a good smartphone before your trip instead of lugging around a professional-grade camera. You will be able to notice how simpler and easier things are with mobile photography while you are traveling.