Bamboo Pillows, What are They and How are They Made?

Bamboo pillows are a type of pillows that are made from the bamboo fabric. Despite the name, only the case or the cover of the pillows are made from bamboo fabric. The rest of the pillow that is the fillings are made from different kinds of materials, the likes of wool, feathers, and memory foam. Memory foam bamboo pillows are the most common in the market. However, different brands choose varying fillings. Bamboo pillows are quite popular because they are comfortable and cool. In this extract, we will be looking at some elements of bamboo pillows.

Transforming Bamboo “the tree” into a fabric

Bamboo pillows are made from bamboo fabric, specifically, the cover or the case. Bamboo fabric is manufactured from the bamboo tree. This means that the bamboo tree has to be cut down for the pillow to be made. However, even though trees have to be cut down, bamboo pillows are very environmentally-friendly. The reason is that bamboo trees are quite abundant, and they grow very fast.

The bamboo tree is quite sturdy and rough. Therefore, the process of transforming it into a smooth and comfortable material that someone can lay his or her head on is quite the task. Chemicals are used in the process to make sure that the final product is appealing to consumers. Note that the part of the bamboo tree that is transformed into the fabric is the pulp. It goes through a series of stages. Each of the phases involves the use of certain chemicals, the likes of sodium hydroxide, which helps to bleach the product. Therefore, the end product is not entirely organic.

What Makes Bamboo Pillows Cool?

 One of the main benefits of bamboo pillows and among the reasons why they are quite popular is the fact that they are cool. By cool, it means they do not run hot from the temperature of the body. The reason why this is so is that they are made from well-designed fabric. The fabric features small homes that allow for air to flow freely and without the structure. This movement of air helps to eliminate the heat buildup inside the pillow.

The Best Bamboo Pillow Brand

Adoriclife is responsible for the manufacture of some of the best bamboo pillows in the market. Below are some attractive features of their products;

  • Their covers are washable.
  • They feature an adjustable memory foam filling that allows you to add or remove the amount of foam for added comfort.
  • The pillows are explicitly created for sleeping. They are perfect for both side and back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers.
  • The pillows come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


When choosing the best brand of bamboo pillows, consider factors like the type of fillings. Memory foam fillings are suitable because they are comfortable and durable. The type of filling affects the comfort element of the pillow. Poor-quality fillings result in challenges like hardness and lumping of the pillows. Other factors to consider include the shape and type. Bamboo pillows are available in different types like contour, wedge, and standard design as well.