6 Funny lines during sales

#1. Salesman: “I would like to give your company the opportunity to become our biggest customers”

#2. Customer: “You are a pretty good sales rep except for the 9 times you called me Mr Wallet instead of Walter”

#3. During a sales training: “Remember the secret to selling is sincerity. Once you can fake that you have got it made”.

#4. Sales Manager to his boss: “The sales team did really well. So I think the blame for the declining sales has to fall on  the consumer”

#5. Potential customer replying to a salesman’s phone call who is prospecting: “No this Thursday is out. How about never – will never suit you?”

#6. Sales Manager sends an email to his potential customer:

Hey Tim,

I haven’t heard from you back and that tells me one of three possible things:

1. You have already chosen a different company. If that’s the case please do let me know so that I stop bothering you.

2. You’re still interested but haven’t had the time to get back to me.

3. You had a fall and can’t get back, in which case I will call 911.

Please let me know which one of the three is am worrying about. Looking forward to hear from you soon.