6 Best Plants To Grow In Your Terrarium

Love gardening? Then the word terrarium should be familiar to you. The fancy word refers to an indoor garden situated in a jar. The jar is usually made of glass. It looks like an aquarium for plants and not fish. The container looks like a small garden enclosed in a small world. But what plants would you put in a glass terrarium for plants?

Below are the best bet plants to put in a terrarium.

1. Starfish Flower Cactus

Starfish flower cactus is also referred to as the carrion flower. It is a stinky, spectacular plant with the same traits as the carnivorous families. For that reason, the plant attracts insects. The South African plant is about 5cm inches and thrives in a greenhouse environment. Consequently, the star-shape cactus often grows in humid regions. That explains why it should be grown in Terrarium.

2. Golden Clubmoss

Golden clubmoss is a tropical-based plant that thrives in potted containers and adds a beautiful ambiance to your space. Its creepy stems form a dense mat. The mat then covers the surface of the soil. You can grow it in your Terrarium if you always remember to water it. You can trim in and insert in a terrarium over and above because of the light foliage.

3. Nerve Plant

You can spruce the look of your Terrarium by incorporating a nerve plant. The plant should have a distinctively unique pattern of green leaves. To put it in a terrarium, you would need to allow it to reach about 12 inches. That is when they are fully mature. In that case, you would need a layer of different pebbles mixed with charcoal. You can use a small charcoal quantity since it serves as a filtration system for the terrarium plant. Besides, it would also help to remove a variety of toxins from the plants. That way, the plant inside will not be sealed.

4. Air Plant

Would you consider planting an air plant? As its name suggests, the hardy zoned plant can easily survive in the Terrarium. This is as compared to it placed in other outdoor gardens. The stunning, blue like flower makes it a naturally ideal choice for your Terrarium. Variegation foliage stands out in that the textural plant can include mosses.

5. Variegata

Variegata is an incredibly healthy plant to consider putting in a terrarium. Its intriguing contrast to other plants patterned with an attractive color. The plant is about 6 inches tall, and it thrives in regular light. It also prefers a moist environment.

6. Peperomia

Peperomia has about 800 cultivars, and Caperata is the common one of them all. It has blushed green leaves. The slow grower does well in watery terrariums. Other than that, peperomia produces interestingly-looking flowers. If you happen to be lucky, these flowers can add a pop of color to your Terrarium.

Final Thoughts

Terrariums enable you to design small ecosystems of plants easily. They also make it possible for you to make decorative elements in a glass enclosure. These plants bring a contained natural look into your environment. The low maintenance planting container can thrive in a healthy environment. It would help if you avoided excessive lighting and growing dying plants.