4 Main Types of Inflatable Bounce Houses

Inflatable bounce houses are not just colorful but fun and your ideal form of entertainment for birthday parties and other events. While there are about thousands of types of fun Kuoye inflatables, it is crucial to select the best one particular for your preferred age group and the theme of the party. So whatever you decide to choose, you can rest assured that your children will enjoy having hours of memorable moments.

Our team of experts has put together a reliable list of about four types of different fun inflatables for your party needs. They come with safety and in a variety of sizes.

Moon bouncers/ combos  

Moon bouncers are the most recognized inflatable units in the market. These unique jumpers come in different themes- there is “the princess” which is one of the most prominent among the rest. They started inflating the rental business more than five years ago.

Until now, these inflatables are known to be the least expensive ones in the industry, making them pretty affordable. But since the market has progressed, you should think about selecting units that can provide customers with exciting moments.

A combo unit could be your first choice. It comes with a traditional moon bouncer and a slide for added fun.


Inflatable slides come in a variety; dry and wet. The two are uniquely designed to suit their applications. That is why they have a high demand. But note, a dry one is not dump.

On the other hand, a wet slide is dumped with water and offers more excitement coupled with long-lasting enjoyment. The slippery surface allows for humps and turns.

If you are still not sure of the type of inflatable you would like to add to your fleet, then maybe you should start with the wet, dry option since it can be used any time of the year.

With a wet and dry unit, you can also rent the bouncing slide in summer. This should make it pretty easy for you to rent every other season. The wet and dry one comes in two pieces. There is the slide itself and the detachable pool.

Interactive Inflatables

As the name suggests, interactive inflatables provide thrilling entertainment for customers, particularly for sports fanatics. The units are ideal for competitive people since they add value to events. This means that they can be useful in boxing and jousting, among other sports activities.

The category of inflatables includes various units such as zip lines as well as shooting galleries.

Obstacle Bounce House

The obstacle course bounce house is our last type of inflatable on the list. It covers a few fun obstacles which are directly appended to the main bounce house avenue. Kids can maneuver through the pins and crawl under the tunnels to the bouncing castle, which is ideal for older kids and competitive adults.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go!

These types of bouncing houses have been explained in this blog post. You can take some time to review the categories to a deeper, more considerable extent. That way, you will be more decisive in your entire purchasing process.  Choose a unit that works best for you. Your budget and geographic location should influence your decision.